At Nile University, we contribute to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Egypt's vision for 2030. This is applied on four levels conceptualized in our 4 pillars: Learning, Research, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and Community Impact.

We put this into practice by educating students to bring out solutions for the plights facing our community and so we make sure to:

  • Equip them with the tools to bring sustainability concepts into the workplace and design innovative solutions to solve world challenges.
  • Help existing businesses to transition towards more environmentally sustainable modes of production and consumption.
  • Support startups and SMEs in different industries to produce sustainable products.
  • Expose them outside university halls to interact with the community by engaging in fruitful partnerships with different organizations.

COP27 News

africa grow green Awards

The Africa Grows Green Awards of COP27

First of all, our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Irene Samy, associate professor in Industrial Engineering and Management program at Nile University, who was awarded the Africa Grows Green Award for her immense efforts and innovative research regarding the environment and the sustainability field. As shared on the Ministry of Environment Facebook page, Africa Grows Green Awards celebrates
Dr. MOhamed Ashour COP27

Egypt's Ministers Visitng NU Booth at COP27

We were pleased to receive the visit of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mahmoud Sakr, President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, and several of the Ministry’s convoy on Tuesday 8th November. It was also an honor to have been visited by 2 other ministers on 11th November which are Dr. Hala El Helmy El Sayed

Nile University at COP27

We are excited to be a part of this HUGE international event: the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), which will take place in Sharm El-Sheikh from November 6th to 18th, 2022. It is a conference aimed at bringing governments together to accelerate global efforts to combat the climate crisis. Nile University has long been an advocate for Sustainability by contributing to achieving

COP27 Events

Dr. Irene in Panel discussion 17 Nov
Nov 17, 2022 - 9:30 AM

Dr. Irene Samy Participating in the Panel Discussion "Influence of National and Global Climate Education, Innovation, and Research on The Governmental Policies and Participation in The Green Economy" at COP27

Blue Zone, COP27
Dr. irene event at COP27
Nov 14, 2022 - 4:30 PM

Dr. Irene to Talk about “Education as a Global Climate Action Accelerator” at COP27

COP27 Blue Zone, Sharm El Sheikh
Nile University's Panel Discussion at the COP27 conference
Nov 14, 2022 - 11:00 AM

Nile University's Discussion Panel at COP27

Sharm El Sheikh


صباح الخير يا مصر | باحثة مصرية تحقق إنجازا علمياً وتفوز بجائزة لوريال اليونسكو للمرأة في العلوم

د. إيرين سامي الفائزة بجائزة لوريال اليونسكو للمرأة في العلوم: لقيت دعم وتشجيع من كل مؤسسات

طعم البيوت : امرأة ناجحة مع د/ايرين سامي فهيم - حلقة الاثنين 26-4-2021

صباح أون - اختراع جديد متعلق بصناعة الأكياس البلاستيكية من قشور الجمبري - د. إيرين سامي فهيم

مصر الحلوة : الإعلامي حسام الدين الأمير: اختراع لصناعة أكياس بلاستيكية من قشور الجمبري-7 مارس

وجهان لعملة واحدة .. بدائل البلاستيك من المخلفات

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Course: Life Below Water

Course: Life Below Water "Towards Readiness for Sustainable Development-Oriented Regional Job Market" In the Erasmus+ co-funded project, STREAM, one main objective is enhancing student skills out of which knowledge and awareness about sustainability are essential. Accordingly, we designed the course

Course: Architecture and Urban Design (ARUD)

Course: Architecture and Urban Design (ARUD) ARUD adopts an integrative people-centered multidisciplinary approach that interrelates various specializations at both the building scale and the city scale. Utilizing up-to-date technology and advancements in architectural education, the learning

Course: Building Physics I

Course: Building Physics I This course introduces the fundamentals of thermal aspects of building performance. Topics include an Introduction to the fundamental of building physics, heat and mass transfer in buildings, thermal comfort, energy performance of buildings, determination of heating and

Course: Spatial and Urban Dynamics

Course: Spatial and Urban Dynamics This course is a sustainability and sustainable development-related course that aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of urban environments´ spatial and physical dynamics. It includes two foci. One focuses on transformation and change over

Course: Building Performance Computing

Course: Building Performance Computing Building Performance Computing introduces computational methods and applications for building performance assessment. This course introduces thermal and visual modelling fundamentals of building performance simulation. Topics include modelling and design, an

Course: Sustainable Development and Waste Management

Course: Sustainable Development and Waste Management The course introduces the concept of conserving the natural resources by approaching 100% full utilization of all types of wastes by a cradle-to-cradle concept through sustainable treatment. It also emphasizes on the ability to develop cleaner


Nile University aims at achieving comprehensive, international research prominence in diverse fields.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Through Nile University's nationally recognized project NilePreneurs, the approach to sustainability has been imprinted in its support of aspiring Green Startups.

NilePreneurs is a national initiative funded by the central bank of Egypt as well as several Egyptian and multinational banks and the Ministry of Planning. The aim is to support startups and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) working in the domains of manufacturing, agriculture, and digital transformation.

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Community Impact

"Together for a Better Planet"

GTP - Green Transformation Partners

Nile University is the only university among the green transformation partners within the framework of the signed cooperation protocol between the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development and Alexandria Business Association with the aim of strengthening cooperation in order to create an environment that encourages the private sector to go green and invest in more sustainable fields.

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Student Activities

By incorporating sustainability in our system, we try to inspire the next generation to have sustainability concepts embedded in their mindset to go on developing a better future. 

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Nile University is always committed to collaborating with active organizations and individuals to serve national and global challenges that affect humanity at large. In this regard, we are pleased to collaborate with IEEE to disseminate the resources to control climate change.

On other fronts, the center of Informatics Science has partnerships with Agriculture Research Center, Orange Labs and two leading local companies: RDI and VAIS to develop the smart agriculture clinic. Faculties from Information Technology and Computer Science School are collaborating with Frederick Schiller University at Jena, Germany to develop an ontology for Egyptian agriculture.

These are only samples of the efforts to help our world secure the necessary environmental conditions for everyone.

Prof. Ahmed Hassan

Former Dean of ITCS School


We at Nile University do believe in sustainability 

For instance, in the Erasmus+ co-funded project, STREAM, one main objective is enhancing student skills out of which knowledge and awareness about sustainability are essential. Accordingly, we designed the course "Life Below Water" in which students gain awareness about marine life challenges and are required to come up with innovative solutions to solve these challenges

Meanwhile, NilePreneurs, a national initiative funded by the Central Bank of Egypt, of which Nile University is the main champion implementing it, has supported 15 startups and SMEs in different industries that are producing sustainable products

It's also worth mentioning that our latest incubation cycle focuses on 5 SDGs out of which climate action and responsible consumption are present.

Finally, NilePreneurs innovation and design pillar has supported startups and SMEs in designing and building 10 sustainable products.

Dr. Heba Labib

Director of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Center