Our Vision

To be a world-class, internationally recognized learning, research, and entrepreneurial university.

Our Mission

To contribute to the development of cultural values and to technology-driven economics in Egypt and the region through the pursuit of education, research, innovation and entrepreneurship at the highest levels of excellence by:

  • Offering leading-edge undergraduate and graduate programs and executive education.
  • Carrying out interdisciplinary research.
  • Collaborating with distinguished international universities and research institutions.
  • Committing to a strong linkage with business and industry and dedicating to serving the community.


NU is the first national, non-profit university in Egypt conceived to be a leader in technology and business education in Egypt and the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region.

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Strategic Goals

To accomplish its mission, NU strives to achieve the following goals:

  • Recruit, develop and retain high-quality faculty and staff.
  • Attract, support and retain highly qualified and motivated students.
  • Create an educational environment and physical facilities conducive to learning and research.
  • Encourage innovation, student leadership, and entrepreneurship.
  • Establish strong linkages with businesses, governments and NGOs to enhance the capacity building in the local and regional community.
  • Promote a culture of creative research and critical thinking.
  • Leverage the expatriates’ resources.
  • Encourage collaboration with other universities.
  • Harvest research output and incubate intellectual property.

Core Values

Excellence, integrity, and service to the community, with a commitment to diversity and respect for the individual, are all integral parts of NU's values and embraced by each member of our community. 

NU Core Values