Student Activities

RPM Activities

Minesweeper Project:

The project objective is to design and manufacture a minesweeper robot that is able to detect landmines and complete landmines removal operations (In the next generations of the robot). With this goal, many acres of land that are very fertile and filled with mines can finally be planted with a huge number of trees and crops which definitely positively affects the climate.

RPM reached the final stage in the Minesweeper competition in 2022 and competed with 400+ other teams from 15 countries, and the competition was held in New Alamein City, Egypt. 

Egretech Startup:

Egretech is a startup that designs and implements state-of-art technologies that solve grand challenges in agriculture. One of the latest products is RPW detector device. The main aim of this startup is to push agriculture forward and make the mission easier for the farmers, this way, agriculture will spread more and more and the green yards as a result which will positively affect the climate problem.

Electric Vehicle Project:

One of the main projects that RPM NU is working on is designing implementing and testing an electric vehicle. Transportation plays a big role in our lives. The dependency on transportation as a hole in gas as a power source formed the main reason for climate change. Electric vehicles come as the best solution for this problem. RPM NU is committed to designing and manufacturing Egyptian Smart, durable and power-efficient EVs that should play an important role in removing gas as the main power source.
Besides, RPM won first place in the rally after competing with another 18 cars at EVER Egypt 2020, which was sponsored by ASRT, with their DASH car. 

NU Collaboration with Bariq:

Our NUBS students in the Marketing Research class had a strong kickstart at the beginning of the semester to get briefed about their project. Along with the sustainability theme, this year, 2022, NUBS is collaborating with Bariq, the first Recycled PET (RPET) manufacturer in the Middle East and Africa. 

We were honored to have Ms. Nour El Gammal, Marketing Manager of Bariq, who walked our students into the negative effect of plastic on the environment and why recycling is important.

Our students collected plastic bags worth 92 kg of RPET and helped reduce 54.15 kg of CO2 emissions.
We wish our students the best of luck with their project to better understand the level of awareness, acceptance, and usage of plastic recycling by end consumers.

This comes as part of the Marketing Research Course under the supervision of Dr. Noha Alaa.