Dr. Irene to Talk about “Education as a Global Climate Action Accelerator” at COP27

COP27 Blue Zone, Sharm El Sheikh

Dr. Irene was invited to hold a talk at COP27 Blue Zone titled “Education as a Global Climate Action Accelerator”, on November 14th from 4:30 pm to- 6:00 pm. She was asked by COP27 officials  to tackle and introduce a topic concerning “climate and environmental education as obligatory courses at all levels, from primary schools to the undergraduate level, to produce a well-educated generation of youth who innovate and act toward our earth and can change human behaviors to protect our planet.”


Dr. Irene has a long history of doing research on several topics related to her industrial and sustainable development practice such as Fabricating new bioplastic composite materials.

  • Fabricating green corrosion inhibitors.
  • Ergonomics assessment in industrial companies.
  • Green Energy in Construction, LEED and green building certification.
  • Establishing an integrated sustainable waste management model for agricultural waste.
  • Providing industrial solutions in work in process and inventory models in industrial companies.
  • Assessment of pharmaceutical residues and their removal from water masses.