Community Impact

Reverse Engineering

A tremendous number of Egyptian companies and startups are directed toward localizing foreign products and developing them locally in Egypt. We do this here at Nile University to support these organizations in producing different products based on reverse engineering concepts and help them test the

Prototyping and Production

A myriad of small and mid-sized startups has the potential to generate new ideas and modern products for the Egyptian market. Still, they face difficulties during the prototyping phase as it is high in cost and needs advanced technologies. That's why we are here at Nile University offers a micro

Industrial Experts

There are high rates of development and the introduction of new technologies in all the industrial fields. Which make a high need for knowledgeable labor to fill the gap between education and the market. Moreover, as Nile University is one of the leading educational organizations in Egypt, we

New Product Development

The process of developing a new product is highly laborious, which makes it impossible for Egyptian companies and startups to manage a project that needs UI/UX designers, mechanical engineers, software engineers, embedded systems engineers, project managers, and consultants. On the other hand, we

Embedded Solutions

The whole world is focusing on optimizing the usage of resources, so the companies are relying on embedded systems which are computing systems, they can range from having no user interface (UI); for example, on devices designed to perform a single task -- to complex graphical user interfaces (GUIs)


At Nile University, our product and business experts work with startups and companies to analyze their idea, identify new business opportunities, and evaluate the market size, target segment, and user needs to propose a product vision for the startup. This critical step lays the foundation for