Social Engagement



NU's social engagement aims to motivate students to get involved with their curricula and other campus activities. Engagement can make the university experience a pleasant one, and also boost their grades and passion to learn. 
The development of increased opportunities for student experiential learning and internships will benefit students and universities by ensuring both are alive to contemporary issues and needs.

Nile University has a social responsibility towards the community; a duty to contribute to building a strong Egyptian community that can be an elevation for the whole country with empowered learning and development experience.





EducateMe Foundation Graduation Event at Nile University

Nile Community University hosted the graduation events of the first batch of the initiative "EducateMe" which seeks to develop education through the idea of unpaid schools, in the presence of representatives of the university, the Minister of Education, and the Minister of Social Solidarity; and several partners of the initiative from companies, donors, and key supporters of the initiative.

The hosting of the event is part of the university's community service, and is carried out by Amina Sayed Galal, Director of Development and Marketing at Nile University,  "EducateMe" initiative serves about 400 children with difficult living conditions, from kindergarten to sixth-grade elementary school, and aims to change the concept of education in Egypt.


EducateMe Foundation Talented Kids Event

Nile University provided a great chance for children to perform and present their talents on the stage of the University in front of lots of audience. The school's children surprised the audience with delightful performances of their own design. The shows would not have come out with this goodness without the effort of the supervisors and the school administration who all participated in the training, encouragement, directing, and design.


ZeeFestival: Zayed International Festival at Nile University

As part of Nile University's mission to support international culture and community development - through involving embassies and NGOs -  Nile University hosted Zee Festival's Culture and Community Event, Nile University celebrated Zayed International Festival. Over the course of more than 10 days, we have succeeded in offering a diverse set of activities and events, introducing culture, arts, technology, and philanthropy in an innovative way that supports the national heritage and culture of Egypt as well as many other represented countries.


Wessal-NU Orphan’s Day Celebration

On Orphan's Day, Nile University’s students club (Wessel-NU), Bena Art, and Students Union, are shared good vibes with the orphans hosted at the campus, it was a day full of activities to draw smiles on these little faces and make them happy through various activities like painting, games, gifting, and communicating with Nile University’s students.


Wessal-NU Donations

Nile University’s student club, Wessel-NU, sparked great vibes with creative handmade products owned by NU students. Generously enough, the students decided that part of the money was donated to the people who needed financial support.


Wessal-NU Winter Donations

Wessal-NU goal is to reach out to people whom others do not occasionally reach, help them, and plant hope in their almost barren souls.

During winter, Wessal-NU had distributed lots of blankets to support people through the wintry weather conditions. They reached out to the homes that were in need and provided them with enough blankets to cope with this season.


Ramadan Donations by Wessal-NU

Wessal-NU always does charity events to serve the community and to support a better life for other people. As a result, they donated money before the start of Ramadan and NU students happily participated throughout the day to buy handmade products that were made with love by their colleagues and generously, part of the money was given to people who need it.


Nile University Entrepreneurship Club Partnership with the 17 Goals TV Program

Nile University Entrepreneurship Club had partnered with the 17 Goals TV Program to support both social development and sustainable development in Egypt.

‎‏It was a pleasure for Nile University to have one of the greatest novelists and TV hosts, Mr. Essam Youssef on our campus, it was great to have his experience and inspiration shared at our campus.


Ceremony For the Scholarship's Winners

The award ceremony for the winning school’s students for a scholarship to study and join Nile University, the auditorium was filled with feelings of pride and happiness emanating from the hearts of parents, and we at Nile University are proud of this effort to organize such a momentous day.

We were honored in the presence of the Essam Youssef at the university, leaving a delightful positive talk, and the event was sponsored by the National Bank of Egypt, the Creative Foundation for Arts and Literature, Al Kahera Wal Nas TV channel.

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Al Alfi Foundation Scholarships 2021 - 2022

Al Alfi Foundation had offered partial scholarships to Egyptian students applying for undergraduate studies at Nile University at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences covering the full duration of study.


Nile University Offers Scholarships For Master's Degrees

The Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology announced a grant of a maximum of 100,000 pounds per student to support the master's degree during the eighth session of the next generation scientists, which was called the Course of The Class of Professor Dr. Samia Al-Tamtam, and the application will be available until November 30th.

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Eng. Naguib Sawris Scholarship

Eng. Naguib Sawris’ scholarship is offered to outstanding students to study at Nile University at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, School of Business Administration and School of Information Technology and Computer Science.