Turbulent Axisymmetric Non-Isothermal Flow of the Hitec Molten Salt with Temperature Dependent Properties: A Numerical Investigation

Elshafei A.I.
Guaily A.
Boraey M.A.

This study aims to investigate the Hitec molten salt's thermal-hydraulic behavior in a smooth round pipe under broad ranges of surface heat flux and Reynolds number (q = 104 - 105 W/m2, Re = 104 - 105). Mesh independent study was performed to ensure the robustness of the model to achieve accurate solutions. Presentation of temperature, pressure and thermophysical properties for multiple cases are presented and discussed. Temperature gradient decreases at high Reynolds number leading to small change in thermo-physical properties. While pressure seems not to be affected by the change in the applied surface heat flux, it increases linearly across the pipe with the increase in Reynolds number. This analysis aims to provide better understanding of the thermal-hydraulic behavior for fluids with temperature dependent properties for a wide range of Re and surface heat flux. © 2021. All Rights Reserved.