Book Chapter

Applied Techniques for Wastewater Treatment

Shima Husien
Nagwan G. Mostafa
Alyaa I. Salim
Irene Samy Fahim
Lobna A. Said
Ahmed G. Radwan

Polluted water is one of the significant challenges facing the world nowadays, especially with the noticed water shortage recorded in the last period. Different treatment methods, physicochemical and biological, were presented for pollutant removal from polluted wastewater. This review discusses the treatment methods starting from the biological part to help reduction of organics, which are solids that appear in the wastewater. After that, the physicochemical techniques will be discussed as a second part of the treatment process to minimize the heavy metal, dyes, and other pollutants. Additionally, filtration techniques and advanced treatment processes will be discussed as the final steps in the water treatment systems and how they were used to finally sterilize the water after the treatment processes.