Conference Paper

Modeling complex flow induced by water waves propagation over submerged square obstacles

Tawab M.A.
Heshmat T.
Schlenkhoff A.

Submerged breakwaters are efficient structures used for shore protection. Many design features of these structures are captured upon modeling wave propagation over submerged square obstacles. The presence of separation vortices and large free surface deformations complicates the problem. A multiphase turbulent numerical model is developed using ANSYS commercial package. Careful domain discretization is done employing suitable mesh clustering to capture high gradients. Various numerical model parameters are provided, including grid size and time step. Special attention is directed towards clarifying turbulence initial conditions. Stable simulation results are obtained within acceptable computational time. Numerical results are validated quantitatively using subsurface measurements. Comparison along continuous horizontal and vertical velocity profiles is provided. Temporal and spatial model resolutions are illustrated for three test cases. The effect of wave period and height is well focused. The unsteady vortical structure is visualized. The incident wave energy is calculated and validated against theoretical values. The wave energy dissipation characteristics are briefly explained. © 2021 ISEC Press.