Ergonomic analysis of a working posture in steel industry in Egypt using digital human modeling

Mohammed A.R.
Mohamed M.O.
Alhubaishy Y.A.
Nasser K.A.
Fahim I.S.

This study presents solutions for improving a bending awkward posture in steel industry in Egypt using digital Human Modeling (DHM). The information is gathered by interviewing the workers, working postures are recorded via a video camera while the worker is performing his usual work. The postures are analyzed using DHM software. Porter comfort analysis and Rapid Upper Limb Assessment are applied for postures analysis. The analysis shows high levels of discomfort in neck, trunk, leg and forearm. These discomforts could cause permanent injuries over long periods. A modified design is proposed to reduce the fatigue caused by the original process. Furthermore, a comparison between the old and new design is performed. This study is important as workers comfort and productivity are increased when the work environment is ergonomically well-designed. © 2020, Springer Nature Switzerland AG.