Book Chapter

Water Importance and Pollution Sources—Recommended Limits of Pollutants

A. B. Abdel-Aziz
Alyaa I. Salim
Irene Samy Fahim

There are many water resources like rivers, seas, rains, and groundwater, which can be used in different sectors such as agricultural, domestic, and industrial uses. Therefore, different wastewater effluents with different properties are produced depending on their source. Industrial wastewater is one of the most harmful effluents due to the presence of toxic pollutants such as heavy metals, dyes, and other toxic substances. Usually, water is used in different industries for different internal processes, and then the resulting wastewater is discharged without treatment into the water resources. This adversely affects aquatic life, plants, animals, and human health. However, there are many standards and guidelines that wastewater must not exceed to protect all life and the environment. This chapter discusses the dye, paint, and textile industries as one of the most important industries due to the huge amount of wastewater production and the characterization of the generated wastewater.