Conference Paper

Direct Power Control of a three-phase PWM-Rectifier based on Petri nets for the selection of Switching States

Fekik A.
Denoun H.
Azar A.T.
Hamida M.L.
Atig M.
Ghanes M.
Benamrouche N.
Barbot J.-P.

This article proposes a new simple scheme for direct power control of a PWM rectifier without a switch table and voltage sensor. The selection of the switching state of the converter is based on the transition of a Petri net, using the instantaneous active and reactive power tracking errors and the angular position of the network line voltage estimated as variables of Controller input based on Petri nets. Simulation and experimental results demonstrated better performance and verified the validity of the new command with the Petri nets applied to the bridge rectifier connected to the electrical network. © 2018 IEEE.