Conference Paper

Combined effect of wind speed and covering irrigation canals on water quality parameters

Baradei S.A.E.
Alsadeq M.

Wind has a considerable effect on many water quality parameters. Some of the parameters are directly affected by the wind, while others are influenced by other physical water parameters like the velocity, temperature. etc.That are affected by wind and hence transfer their effect to water quality parameters. As the wind has an effect on water quality parameters, also covering waterways has a great effect on the water quality of those covered waterways. This is because covering a waterway alters the concentrations of its water quality parameters. This research is concerned with studying the combined effect of wind and covering of canals on different water quality parameters. The main Sheikh Zayed canal of the New Valley project in Toshka governorate in Egypt is taken as case study. Water quality parameters studied are dissolved oxygen concentration (DO) and total dissolved solids (TDS). Mathematical model was developed in order to carry on the simulation. After simulating the effect of wind and covering on these two water quality parameters it was found that the studied water quality parameters concentrations increased as the wind is gradually increased. Thus, TDS and DO showed maximum increase with increased wind speed and with uncovered canal area. TDS showed the max increase; namely 16%. Copyright © 2020 ISEC Press.All right reserved.