Conference Paper

CFD analysis of transient blood flow in a cerebral aneurysm: A comparison between a healthy and diseased model

Elakhdar A.
Elhagri M.
Naguib C.
Elshabrawy M.

The unsteady flow field variations between healthy and diseased three-dimensional rigid posterior cerebral artery are numerically investigated. The Computational hemodynamic simulations have been known to provide valuable clinical information to researchers and surgeons that proved to be crucial for the assessment of medical risks, pre-surgical conditioning and treatment planning. The wall shear stress (WSS) and wall pressure are the most important hemodynamic variables, and both are used to give accurate description about the health status of the artery. The results showed that at the bifurcation, the WSS value and its gradient are very high; a combination that stimulates aneurysm initiation which is consistent with the literature. © 2021 IEEE.