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A New Control Scheme for Hybrid Chaos Synchronization

Ouannas A., Grassi G., Azar A.T., Gasri A.

A review study: Computational techniques for expecting the impact of non-synonymous single nucleotide variants in human diseases

Hassan M.S., Shaalan A.A., Dessouky M.I., Abdelnaiem A.E., ElHefnawi M.

A study about using a cognitive agent in replacing level 1 and 2 service desk activities

Ibrahim A.A.S.

Comparative Study of Two Level and Three Level PWM-Rectifier with Voltage Oriented Control

Fekik A., Denoun H., Azar A.T., Hamida M.L., Zaouia M., Benyahia N.

Fractional order integrator/differentiator: FPGA implementation and FOPID controller application

Tolba M.F., AboAlNaga B.M., Said L.A., Madian A.H., Radwan A.G.

Fractional Order Two Degree of Freedom PID Controller for a Robotic Manipulator with a Fuzzy Type-2 Compensator

Azar A.T., Serrano F.E.

Memristor-based quinary half adder

Fouad A.H., Radwan A.G.

New Control Schemes for Fractional Chaos Synchronization

Ouannas A., Grassi G., Azar A.T., Singh S.

Reconfigurable chaotic pseudo random number generator based on FPGA

Rezk A.A., Madian A.H., Radwan A.G., Soliman A.M.

Self-balancing Robot Modeling and Control Using Two Degree of Freedom PID Controller

Azar A.T., Ammar H.H., Barakat M.H., Saleh M.A.,

Two-Degree of Freedom Proportional Integral Derivative (2-DOF PID) Controller for Robotic Infusion Stand

Azar A.T., Hassan H., Razali M.S.A.B., de Brito Silva G., Ali H.R.

A 4-D chaotic hyperjerk system with a hidden attractor, adaptive backstepping control and circuit design

Vaidyanathan S., Jafari S., Pham V.-T., Azar A.T., Alsaadi F.E.

A computed tomography-based planning tool for predicting difficulty of minimally invasive aortic valve replacement

Elattar M.A., Kaya A., Planken N.R., Baan J., Vanbavel E.T., De Mol B.A.J.M., Marquering H.A.

A fuzzy approach of sensitivity for multiple colonies on ant colony optimization

Pintea C.-M., Matei O., Ramadan R.A., Pavone M., Niazi M., Azar A.T.

A generalized family of memristor-based voltage controlled relaxation oscillator

Hezayyin H.G., Ahmed G.M., Fouda M.E., Said L.A., Madian A.H., Radwan A.G.

A Hydro-Kinematic approach for the design of compact corrugated plate interceptors for the de-oiling of produced water

Boraey M.A.

A new hyperchaotic temperature fluctuations model, its circuit simulation, FPGA implementation and an application to image encryption

Vaidyanathan S., Azar A.T., Rajagopal K., Sambas A., Kacar S., Cavusoglu U.

A new static-based framework for ransomware detection

Medhat M., Gaber S., Abdelbaki N.

A New Web Deception System Framework

El-Kosairy A., Azer M.A.

A novel 4-D hyperchaotic system with two

Vaidyanathan S., Azar

quadratic nonlinearities and its adaptive synchronisation

A.T., Boulkroune A.

A Novel Actuator Fault-tolerant Control Strategy of DFIG-based Wind Turbines Using Takagi-Sugeno Multiple Models

Abdelmalek S., Azar A.T., Dib D.

A novel hyperchaotic system with adaptive control, synchronization, and circuit simulation

Vaidyanathan S., Singh S., Azar A.T., Alain K.S.T., Sambas A., Serrano F.E.

A qualitative comparison between the proportional navigation and differential geometry guidance algorithms

Alqudsi Y.S., El-Bayoumi G.M.

A study in WPA2 enterprise recent attacks

Abo-Soliman M.A., Azer M.A.

A survey on smart cities’ IoT

Nassar A.S., Montasser A.H., Abdelbaki N.

Active control for multi- switching combination synchronization of non- identical chaotic systems

Singh S., Azar A.T., Bhat M.A., Vaidyanathan S., Ouannas A.

Adaptive decentralised sliding mode controller and observer for asynchronous nonlinear large-scale systems with backlash

Azar A.T., Serrano F.E.

Advances in system dynamics and control

Azar A.T., Vaidyanathan S.

Aggrandize efficiency of ultra-thin silicon solar cell via topical clustering of silver nanoparticles

Thirugnanasambandan T., Pal K., Sidhu A., Elkodous M.A., Prasath H., Kulasekarapandian K., Ayeshamariam A., Jeevanandam J.

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