Now & Future October Series, Soft-Robotics Design & Simulation – Conceptual Design session #2

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The sessions in the Now & Future Series were open to the audience. A complete journey around Soft Robotics: Building BAYMAX has been delivered.

By: Eng. Mahmood Saleh - Systems Engineer at NilePreneur initiative The advances in soft robotics application will lead the human-machine interaction employment. One of the main challenges in soft robotics is the design and manufacturing due to the flexible material behavior and its structural complexity. In this session, different design approaches for soft robotics will be discussed, and its modeling using finite element analysis. Other manufacturing techniques will also be illustrated, especially the usage of the additive manufacturing revolution.

Finally, a conceptional design synthesis for soft robotics modeling based on computational power will be reviewed as a promising tool for morphological modeling behavior for soft robots’ structure.

- Soft robotics design approach and different actuation techniques.

- Material modeling and model based on finite element analysis.

- Different manufacturing for soft robotics and revolution of additive manufacturing.

- Conceptual design synthesis for soft robot design - Soft pneumatic actuator case study.