3rd Egyptian Junior Researcher Competition (UGRF14)

NU Campus
Competition Guide

The Undergraduate Research Forum (UGRF) is a flagship event of Nile University which has been going successfully for 7 years. Nile University organizes the UGRF every semester and it aims at encouraging the undergraduate students to put their course projects into practical outcome. Students present their projects in the form of 2 pages summary, posters, videos, prototypes & applications. They get questioned & evaluated by jury panel of university professors and senior researchers. Winners get recognized and receive Awards. UGRF used to be exclusive to NU students only until Summer 2020, when the COVID was a real challenge for all learning institutions, then NU decided to break the cycle and made the first online Special Edition of the UGRF (the national version under the name: Egyptian Junior Researcher Competition) which was open to all university & school students in Egypt to participate and take part and it was a huge success! This summer 2022, the 3rd Egyptian Junior Researcher Competition (in physical format for the first time since its start in Summer 2020) proudly organized by Nile University to extend the invitation – for the 3rd year in a row - to all Egyptian undergraduate junior research talents.