Now & Future October Series, Sensing & Perception in Soft-Robotics session #3

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The sessions in the Now & Future Series were open to the audience. A complete journey around Soft Robotics: Building BAYMAX has been delivered.

By: Eng. Mostafa Abdelrahman Mousa - The senior Innovation Engineer at innovation Hub Perception has always been an essential aspect of robots’ development. Soft robotics is a unique domain; its perception tasks were not far from being more challenging in every aspect. In this webinar, we will focus on the perception of Soft Robots concerning Proprioception and Exteroception. The differences between them are elaborated and carefully differentiated from each other. Then we will proceed to list and discuss the advances of both of them based on different technologies. Optoelectronics contributions to soft robots’ perception are introduced to computer vision likewise. Also, the smart textiles and functional fabrics applications in soft robotics tactile sensing are shown based on the state-of-the-art research published recently.

Finally, the advances of E-skin are reviewed, and the realization of E-skin in the biohybrid form is presented. - Why perception of soft robots is unique compared to other domains? - Proprioception and Exteroception of Soft Robots. - Optoelectronics application in soft robots’ perception. - Sensing through vision. - Functional fabrics and Soft Robotics. - Electronic Skin advances and biohybrid E-skin.