Now & Future October Series, Bioinspired and Soft-Robotics session #1

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The sessions in the Now & Future Series were open to the audience. A complete journey around Soft Robotics: Building BAYMAX has been delivered.

By: Eng. MennaAllah Hefny Soliman - Instructor at School of Engineering and Applied Science - How to model the behavior of soft robots for large-scale industries? - How to take feedback from a soft robot without using the complex sensors? - How do we solve the control and computation complexity for soft robots? These pose challenges for researchers from different backgrounds to participate in soft robotics technology. The surrounding environment and living creatures inspire the most proposed solutions for these challenges by trying to mimic their movements, how they sense to control them, and how they adapt and perform in their world. From there, the word morphology becomes the needed solution in soft robotics. This session presents the embodied intelligence and morphological computation approaches for building soft robotic systems and solving these challenges.

- Soft robots and biomimicry of biological creatures.

- The embodied intelligence approach and its leverage through soft robotics.

- Morphology concepts facilitate control.

- Exploitation of the body morphology of soft. Robots for actuation, sensing, and control.

- Analog dynamics concepts for soft robotics.

- The use of reservoir computing as a paradigm for morphological computation.