Now & Future November Series, New Era in fractional order circuits and systems session #1

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The sessions in the Now & Future Series were open to the audience. A complete journey around Bioelectronics for implantable and Wearable Devices has been delivered.

By: Dr. Lobna A. Said. Numerous research examples have proved that fractional calculus is a superior tool for system description than the narrow integer order domain. This is achieved through the extra parameters introduced by allowing the differential or integral orders to take non-integer values. The promising capabilities of fractional-order devices challenge the research to find a way to simulate its behavior until its off-shelf appearance. Different integer order approximation techniques to the fractional-order transfer functions are investigated in the literature. The main idea behind approximating the practice device is to achieve a nearly constant phase response of the impedance. There are many categories of fractional order system approximations in analog and digital domains. Research in circuits and systems using fractional-order elements is considered an interdisciplinary topic. It serves many areas of applications such as electrical engineering, medicine, physics, control system, chaos theory signal processing, and bio-impedance.