Conference Paper

Wastewater Treatment Model with Smart Irrigation Utilizing PID Control

El-Zemity A.S.
Ali Gaafar A.
Ahmed A.K.
Sayed Abdelwahab A.
Saad H.M.
Khaled Elboushi M.
Ibraheem A.M.

In this paper the activated sludge wastewater treatment process is modeled mathematically and explored. In addition, irrigation was recommended as a valid application for the reuse of wastewater. Other wastewater treatment processes (WWTP) were compared to the one chosen to justify the choice and a detailed expiation of the general wastewater treatment process was provided. Furthermore, PI, and PID controller were developed to further improve the performance of the activated sludge process. The controllers were devolved and tuned using MATLAB, and SIMULINK, and had a positive correlation on the performance of the wastewater treatment process, and consequently the irrigation systems. © 2020 IEEE.