Production of fuel from plastic waste: A feasible business

Fahim I.
Mohsen O.
Elkayaly D.

This paper aims to conduct a feasibility study of producing fuel from plastic waste. It is a suggested approach to deal with the huge production of synthetic plastic around the world, so as to avoid its accumulation in landfills and the depletion of resources. Several types of research have addressed the conversion of plastic waste into energy, and in this study the authors focused on using pyrolysis to convert plastic to liquid oil. Accordingly, the volume of the waste was reduced significantly, and the produced liquid oil had a high calorific value in comparison to fossil fuel. The authors managed to develop a profitable business model for a facility producing fuel from plastic waste in Egypt. This project could be a very lucrative business opportunity for investors or venture capitalists interested in investing in green economy. A Business Model Canvas was used as a tool to identify how the different components of the business relate to each other. © 2021 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.