Piezothermoelasticity in an infinite slab within the dual-phase-lag model

Ahmed E.A.A.
Abou-Dina M.S.

The system of equations of the generalized piezothermoelasticity in anisotropic medium with dual-phase-lag model is established. The exact expressions for displacement components, the temperature, stress components, electric potential and electric displacements are given in the physical domain and illustrated graphically. These expressions are calculated numerically for the problem. Comparisons are made with the results predicted by Lord–Shulman theory and dual-phase-lag model. It is shown that the results from both theories are close to each other for thin slabs, while they differ considerably for thick ones. The present results are of interest in studying the thermomechanical response of piezoelectric sheets under different working thermal, mechanical and electrical conditions. © 2020, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science.