Phytosynthesis of silver-reduced graphene oxide (Ag-RGO) nanocomposite with an enhanced antibacterial effect using Potamogeton pectinatus extract

Sedki M.
Mohamed M.B.
Fawzy M.
Abdelrehim D.A.
Abdel-Mottaleb M.M.S.A.

A new green synthesis method for the preparation of a silver-reduced graphene oxide (Ag-RGO) nanocomposite using Potamogeton pectinatus (Po) plant extract is introduced. The size, morphology and crystallinity of the as-prepared nanomaterials were studied with an explanation for the role of Po in the synthesis. A preliminary antibacterial experiment was developed to ensure the enhanced antibacterial effect of the Ag-RGO nanocomposite. The antibacterial measurements were done using the colony counting method. The results indicated that the majority of the silver nanoparticles "AgNPs" were formed in a spherical shape with small sizes ranging from 11 to 20 nm. IR spectroscopy results indicated the role of amine and hydroxyl groups from Po in the reduction and capping processes. The preliminary antibacterial examination ensured the enhanced antibacterial effect of the Ag-RGO nanocomposite. This journal is © The Royal Society of Chemistry 2015.