Conference Paper

Interfacial modification of perovskite solar cell using zno electron injection layer with pdms as antireflective coating

Othman M.K.
Taha H.A.
Rawash M.K.
El-Zimety A.S.
Alalem S.
El-Fdaly M.
El-Batawy Y.M.

Recently, perovskite solar cells (PSCs) exhibits tremendous power conversion efficiency and has shown enhanced figures of merit being secured regarding cell stability. In this paper, perovskite solar cell with Zno electron injection layer is presented. The humidity degradation of the perovskite active layer and the efficiency of the cell is observed under several conditions. Using ZnO as a planner electron injection layer (EIL) instead of TiO2, the efficiency of the device significantly improved, showing low-resistance shunting pathways. Also, polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) has been used as a hydrophobic transparent coating layer and its thickness adjusted to make it works as antireflective coating (ARC). This process ultimately mitigates the degradation rate and increase the cell optical absorption. The results confirm the importance of the homogenous surface of EIL and how the PDMS-AR layer could significantly enhance the cell efficiency. © 2019 IEEE.