Influence of Periodic Surface Nanopatterning Profiles on Series Resistance in Thin-Film Crystalline Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

Abdo I.
Trompoukis C.
Tous L.
Depauw V.
Guindi R.
Gordon I.
El Daif O.

In the frame of the development of thin crystalline silicon solar cell technologies, surface nanopatterning of silicon is gaining importance. Its impact on the material quality is, however, not yet fully controlled.We investigate here the influence of surface nanotexturing on the series resistance of a contacting scheme relevant for thin-film crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cells. Twodimensional periodic nanotextures are fabricated using a combination of nanoimprint lithography and either dry or wet etching, while random pyramid texturing is used for benchmarking. We compare these texturing techniques in terms of their effect on the series resistance of a solar cell through a study of the sheet resistance (Rsh ) and contact resistance (Rc) of its front layers, i.e., a sputtered transparent conductive oxide and evaporated metal contacts. We have found by four-point probe and the transfer length methods that dry-etched nanopatterns render the highestRsh and Rc values. Wet-etched nanopatterns, on the other hand, have less impact on Rc and render Rsh similar to that obtained from the nontextured case. © 2011-2012 IEEE.