Conference Paper

Improving Productivity of A Production Line in Perfumes Industry in Egypt Using Lean Manufacturing Methodology

Radwan A.M.
Abdel Rahman I.R.
Roshdy A.W.
Fahim I.S.

This study presents proposed solutions for increasing the productivity of a production line in the perfumes industry in Egypt using lean manufacturing methodology. Enhancing efficiency is a major significant objective to consider in a typical manufacturing firm to improve the overall performance. Increasing productivity is achieved through applying an extensive lean program implementing appropriate lean tools to solve problems identified as wastage in materials and activities as well as bottlenecks increasing lead time. Information of current problems and gaps are gathered through visits and interviews. Problems are showed and analyzed using some lean tools and charts as bottleneck analysis, workflow sequence and fishbone diagrams. Lean methodology is selected to be applied due to its ability to achieve desired results, solve current gaps and maintain outstanding performance and continuous improvement enabling competitiveness within marketplace. Proposed lean tools and the fully lean manufacturing system are presented to increase efficiency and solve problems identified. Expected results showed decreased inventories by 20-30% as well as reduction in costs by 10-20%. © 2020 IEEE.