Hadronization correspondence of Hawking-Unruh radiation from rotating and electrically charged black holes

Yassin H.
Elyazeed E.R.A.
Break R.E.
Megahed A.M.
Tawfik A.N.

The proposed correspondence between the Hawking-Unruh radiation mechanism in rotating, electrically-charged, and electrically-charged-rotating black holes and the hadronization process in high-energy collisions is assumed here. This allows us to determine the well-profound freezeout parameters characterizing the heavy-ion collisions. Furthermore, black holes thermodynamics is found analogous to a to that of the high-energy collisions. We also introduce a relation expressing the dependence of the angular momentum and the angular velocity deduced from rotating black holes on the chemical potential. The novel phase diagram for rotating, electrically-charged, and electrically-charged-rotating black holes are found in an excellent agreement with the phase diagrams drawn for electrically-charged black holes and also with the ones mapped out from the statistical thermal models and the various high-energy experiments. Moreover, our estimations for the freezeout conditions and s/T 3 are in excellent agreement with the ones determined from the hadronization process, especially at μ ≤ 0.3 GeV. © 2020 IOP Publishing Ltd.