Conference Paper

Frequency survey simulation for developing novel radio frequency energy harvesting model

ElAnzeery H.
Guindi R.

Renewable Energy sources are the center of attraction for research and development all over the world nowadays, the demand of a lasting cheap source of energy that is environmental friendly, is the main challenge recently. Energy Harvesting is a new technology that is going to make a revolution in the coming decade. Energy Harvesting is a technique to provide alternative sources of energy that are environmental friendly and low in cost. Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting is one of the methods to provide electrical energy from the ambient Radio Frequency waves that already exists in the environment. Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting can provide a world with battery less devices. With Radio Frequency (RF) Energy Harvesting, the true mobility can be achieved where mobile devices do not depend on centralized power sources for charging, instead they make use of the existing energy in the environment. This paper presents a simulation survey on different frequencies and the effect of these frequencies on the output power efficieny. The simulation results provide an optimum novel relationship between the frequency used and the size of the circuit for a radio frequency energy harvesting model with optimum output efficiency. © 2012 IEEE.