Fast localization of the optic disc using projection of image features

Mahfouz A.E.
Fahmy A.S.

Optic Disc (OD) localization is an important pre-processing step that significantly simplifies subsequent segmentation of the OD and other retinal structures. Current OD localization techniques suffer from impractically-high computation times (few minutes per image). In this work, we present a fast technique that requires less than a second to localize the OD. The technique is based upon obtaining two projections of certain image features that encode the x- and y- coordinates of the OD. The resulting 1-D projections are then searched to determine the location of the OD. This avoids searching the 2-D image space and, thus, enhances the speed of the OD localization process. Image features such as retinal vessels orientation and the OD brightness are used in the current method. Four publicly-available databases, including STARE and DRIVE, are used to evaluate the proposed technique. The OD was successfully located in 330 images out of 340 images (97%) with an average computation time of 0.65 s. © 2010 IEEE.