Developing a Greenometer for green manufacturing assessment

Salem A.H.
Deif A.M.

In this paper a toolbox (Greenometer) to assess the greenness level of manufacturing companies is proposed. The assessment approach is based on capturing the relative greenness position of any company among other industries from different sectors as well as within the same sector. The assessment was based on selected greenness attributes and their composing indicators at each of the two levels of the developed Greenometer. Geometric Mean Method (GMM) was adopted to be the generic assessment technique for cross industries greenness evaluation, while Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) was employed to assess the greenness level of intra-industries layer. Three different industrial applications were used to demonstrate the applicability of the developed Greenometer. Results highlighted how the proposed tool can be a useful for manufacturing managers not only in understanding their green performance position at various levels, but also aiding them in their green transformation/improvement efforts. Specifically, the Greenometer assessment scores will help in setting plans through highlighting prioritized areas of required improvement as well as offering quantitative targets and tracking metrics along the transformation journey. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd