The design of x-ray film reader with film presence detector

Tunggal T.P.
Arrosyid M.
De Brito Silva G.
Maseleno A.
Tanane O.

X-Ray viewer is a tool for observing the results of X-Ray films using ray lighting. It aims to get clearer readings of X-Ray films by radiographers and doctors. X-Ray viewers in hospitals generally cannot be carried anywhere because they use fluorescent lamps as a source of radiation and use 220 Volt AC voltage directly. So that its use is less effective and efficient because it must be connected directly to a 220 Volt AC power source and requires large power. In this regard the author wants to design an X-Ray viewer tool that can be used to read the results of X-Ray films clearly and is portable so that the device can be used anywhere because it uses a battery as a voltage source and is equipped with a presence detection sensor film in order to save energy so that the use of tools is more effective and efficient. © 2021 Department of Agribusiness, Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. All rights reserved.