Conference Paper

Automatic mri breast tumor detection using discrete wavelet transform and support vector machines

Ibraheem A.M.
Rahouma K.H.
Hamed H.F.A.

The human right is to live a healthy life free of serious diseases. Cancer is the most serious disease facing humans and possibly leading to death. So, a definitive solution must be done to these diseases, to eliminate them and also to protect humans from them. Breast cancer is considered being one of the dangerous types of cancers that face women in particular. Early examination should be done periodically and the diagnosis must be more sensitive and effective to preserve the women lives. There are various types of breast cancer images but magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has become one of the important ways in breast cancer detection. In this work, a new method is done to detect the breast cancer using the MRI images that is preprocessed using a 2D Median filter. The features are extracted from the images using discrete wavelet transform (DWT). These features are reduced to 13 features. Then, support vector machine (SVM) is used to detect if there is a tumor or not. Simulation results have been accomplished using the MRI images datasets. These datasets are extracted from the standard Breast MRI database known as the 'Reference Image Database to Evaluate Response (RIDER)'. The proposed method has achieved an accuracy of 98.03 % using the available MRIs database. The processing time for all processes was recorded as 0.894 seconds. The obtained results have demonstrated the superiority of the proposed system over the available ones in the literature. © 2019 IEEE.