About IECC

The Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Competitiveness Centre (IECC) is a multidisciplinary research center focusing on raising the competitiveness edge in Egypt. At IECC, we believe in economic development based on innovation. Our interventions range from improving the industry innovation capacity through the management of technology practices or innovation-based entrepreneurship in Egypt and the region.
The IECC aims to be the Nile University’s vehicle to contribute to technology-based economic development in Egypt and the region. We bring industry and academia together to solve macro and micro-economic challenges in an innovative and collaborative environment, utilizing the latest management and scientific research generated at Nile University and tapping into the region's opportunities and challenges.



To become one of the leading Innovation & Entrepreneurship centers that push the societal economic and intellectual boundaries via close collaboration between academia, the public sector and the different ecosystem players.



To apply transformative and entrepreneurial management of technology principles to foster innovation, entrepreneurship and competitiveness in the region.



NilePreneurs  A nationwide initiative funded by the Central Bank of Egypt to support startups and SMEs; working in manufacturing, agriculture, and digital transformation.  

Micro Factory


A Pilot Production One-Stop-Shop: Manufacturing the first batch for startups and is funded by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development.  



Liaising with industry, technology commercialization, and IP protection and is funded by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.  



Raising awareness about entrepreneurship among students and the academic community and is funded by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.  

Agrogate Masr


It is an Egyptian National Digital Agriculture Extension Services Platform, which is funded by the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology.



Mapping and Connecting the Egyptian Innovation Ecosystem.

"Funded by Europe Aid"




Studying Innovation in Egyptian SME Ecosystem and is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.  



It is a project that focuses on developing students' competencies and is funded by the European Union programme Erasmus+.  

Pharma KTA


Knowledge Transfer Alliance for the Pharmaceutical Industries  



It is a capacity building for energy modelling.  



Innovation Report for Agricultural Innovation Project, which is funded by the German development agency, GIZ.