Dr. Walaa M. Medhat

Dr. Walaa Medhat

Program Director of Computer Science (CS)

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Program Director of Computer Science (CS) Walaa Medhat is an assistant professor at Nile University. Walaa Medhat is an associate professor at Nile University. She got her Ph.D., M.Sc., and BA degree in computer systems from faculty of engineering, Ain Shams University. She worked at the Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Benha University. She was a consultant in MIS unit, the Supreme Council of Universities. She is an expert in Natural Language Processing, Data Mining and Software Engineering. She is a member in the Egyptian Society of Language Engineering.

Recent Publications


Recommender systems are receiving great attention these days, as various researchers and major companies are conducting continuous research in this field. Companies like Google and Amazon have provided different effective models for video recommendation systems, but the educational field is poorly studied as other researchers explained. Different researchers proposed various approaches showing the

Artificial Intelligence

Arabic fake news detection using deep learning

Nowadays, an unprecedented number of users interact through social media platforms and generate a massive amount of content due to the explosion of online communication. However, because user-generated content is unregulated, it may contain offensive content such as fake news, insults, and harassment phrases. The identification of fake news and rumors and their dissemination on social media has

Artificial Intelligence
Software and Communications

Diabetes Prediction Using Machine Learning: A Comparative Study

Diabetes is a common, metabolic disease, that results in a high level of blood sugar. Patients diagnosed with diabetes suffer from a body that cannot effectively use the insulin or cannot produce a sufficient amount of insulin. Providing a method of detection via symptoms that can be noticed by the patient can prompt the patient to seek medical assistance more promptly and in turn to be correctly

Artificial Intelligence

Impact of COVID-19 on Information Technology Sector in Egypt

Pandemics raise huge challenges yet brought several opportunities. The sudden attack of COVID-19 revealed the importance of the information technology (IT) applications. The Reliance on the IT sector has become imperative to ensure sustainability and to raise most sectors' performance efficiency, especially the services' ones. This study applied PESTEL analysis to evaluate the current status of IT

Artificial Intelligence
Research Tracks
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Data Mining
  • Software Engineering
  • Big Data Analytics
Research Project

AgriSem: Semantic Web Technologies for Agricultural Data Interoperability

Objective/Contributions: The amount and types of raw data generated within the agriculture domain are dramatically growing. However, these raw data in themselves are meaningless and isolated, and therefore may offer little value to the farmer. The Agricultural Research Center (ARC)and the Central Lab for Agricultural Expert Systems (CLAES) was established to enhance the productivity of knowledge