Course: Design Studio III

Course: Design Studio III

Main Topic: Home and Neighbourhood Design

This studio focuses on sustainable neighborhood design with different housing typologies, aggregation mechanisms and models of clustering. It follows the AAA concept:

  • Appropriate: Home as a regulator of social interactions. Home as communication of social status. Home as an expression of the self. Home as an income generator.
  • Affordable: Is not ‘low cost’ but enables households to access the housing market.
  • Adaptable: Change is inevitable, and diversity is essential for a vibrant sustainable society.

The design studio introduces 15-minute city walk design intentions and its deliverables. The special focus is on the street typology, walking and cycling, and inclusive open paces in residential districts with integrated mixed-use services and leisure. It addresses designing in-between and near-home spaces, achieving different degrees of publicness to satisfy community needs and territorial claims.