Course: Life Below Water

Course: Life Below Water "Towards Readiness for Sustainable Development-Oriented Regional Job Market" In the Erasmus+ co-funded project, STREAM, one main objective is enhancing student skills out of which knowledge and awareness about sustainability are essential. Accordingly, we designed the course

Course: Architecture and Urban Design (ARUD)

Course: Architecture and Urban Design (ARUD) ARUD adopts an integrative people-centered multidisciplinary approach that interrelates various specializations at both the building scale and the city scale. Utilizing up-to-date technology and advancements in architectural education, the learning

Course: Design Studio III

Course: Design Studio III Main Topic: Home and Neighbourhood Design This studio focuses on sustainable neighborhood design with different housing typologies, aggregation mechanisms and models of clustering. It follows the AAA concept: Appropriate: Home as a regulator of social interactions. Home as