Nile University 3rd Egyptian Junior Researcher Competition on climate change

Nile University Presented a climate change track in The 14th UGRF Special Edition: 3rd Egyptian Junior Researcher Competition and received 16 new innovative ideas on climate change mitigation https://www.facebook.com/nuresearch1/posts/589649656141162
the climate change track recieved 16 projects with very innovatoive ideas offereing solutions to several climate change problems including climate finance,  greenhouse gas emissions, global warming causes and impacts, humans contribution to global climate change, what can be done to reverse climate change?, causes and effects of global warming on the environment,  tree planting and climate change, global warming causes and impacts.The research forum for students is one of the most important features of Nile University as scientific research university and reflects the university’s plan for project-based learning through innovation and applied research. The forum includes the provision of scientific research from the students for evaluation and publishing, in addition to research projects for students of different academic years and graduation projects for final year students. The UGRF represents one of the unique differentiators of Nile University. It is the one day in the semester that is full of science and packed with breathtaking creative ideas and mind-blowing innovations; all’s done by our undergraduate students. From posters to prototypes, simulations, robots, models, innovative applications, business plans for new startup ideas and a lot more. This event mimics a mini conference, where students are the authors & presenters with their projects under the umbrella of their academic courses.