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6G: A comprehensive survey on technologies, applications, challenges, and research problems

The inherent limitations of the network keep on going to be revealed with the continuous deployment of cellular networks. The next generation 6G is motivated by these drawbacks to properly integrate important rate-hungry applications such as extended reality, wireless brain-computer interactions, autonomous vehicles, and so on. Also, to support significant applications, 6G will handle large

Software and Communications

On-the-Fly Parallel Processing IP-Core for Image Blur Detection, Compression, and Chaotic Encryption Based on FPGA

This paper presents a 3 in 1 standalone FPGA system which can perform color image blur detection in parallel with compression and encryption. Both blur detection and compression are based on the 3-level Haar wavelet transform, which is used as a common building block to save the resources. The compression is based on performing the hard thresholding scheme followed by the Run Length Encoding (RLE)

Circuit Theory and Applications

Early breast cancer diagnostics based on hierarchical machine learning classification for mammography images

Breast cancer constitutes a significant threat to women’s health and is considered the second leading cause of their death. Breast cancer is a result of abnormal behavior in the functionality of the normal breast cells. Therefore, breast cells tend to grow uncontrollably, forming a tumor that can be felt like a breast lump. Early diagnosis of breast cancer is proved to reduce the risks of death by

Software and Communications

Pinched hysteresis loops in non-linear resonators

This study shows that pinched hysteresis can be observed in simple non-linear resonance circuits containing a single diode that behaves as a voltage-controlled switch. Mathematical models are derived and numerically validated for both series and parallel resonator circuits. The lobe area of the pinched loop is found to increase with increased frequency and multiple pinch points are possible with

Circuit Theory and Applications

Double Fractional-order Masks Image Enhancement

Image enhancement is better achieved when fractional-order masks are used rather than integer-order ones, this is due to the flexibility of fractional-order parameters control. This paper proposes a combination of fractional-order masks to be used in parallel as double filters system structure to improve image enhancement rather than using a single-stage filter. Various performance metrics are

Circuit Theory and Applications

CFD analysis of transient blood flow in a cerebral aneurysm: A comparison between a healthy and diseased model

The unsteady flow field variations between healthy and diseased three-dimensional rigid posterior cerebral artery are numerically investigated. The Computational hemodynamic simulations have been known to provide valuable clinical information to researchers and surgeons that proved to be crucial for the assessment of medical risks, pre-surgical conditioning and treatment planning. The wall shear

Mechanical Design

Programmable constant phase element realization with crossbar arrays

Introduction: Constant Phase Elements (CPEs) have been widely used in many applications due to the extra degree of freedom, which offers new responses and behaviors. Objectives: This paper proposes a new programmable CPE realization using resistive crossbar arrays. By programming the resistive devices, different CPEs can be obtained. Methods: The proposed realization can be approximated as a

Circuit Theory and Applications

Machine Learning-based Module for Monitoring LTE/WiFi Coexistence Networks Dynamics

Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology is expected to shift some of its transmissions into the unlicensed band to overcome the spectrum scarcity problem. Nevertheless, in order to effectively use the unlicensed spectrum, several challenges have to be addressed. The most important of which is how to coexist with the incumbent unlicensed WiFi networks. Incorporating the "intelligence"component into

Software and Communications

Supply Chain Risk Assessment Using Fuzzy Logic

Business's strength arises from the strength of its supply chain. Therefore, a proper supply chain management is vital for business continuity. One of the most challenging parts of SCM is the contract negotiation, and one main aspect of the negotiation is to know the risk associated with each range of quantity agreed on. Currently Managers assess the quantity to be supplied based on a binary way

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Effect of covering irrigation channels on total dissolved solids and total suspended solids

The increase in the evaporation rate is one of the crucial effects of climate change. Water losses due to evaporation are considered as an important challenge that faces the agriculture sector considering the recent water crisis in Egypt. So, covering irrigation canals with the aim to decrease evaporation could be a good solution for this problem, especially if the coverage is expected to be used

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