Conference Paper

Variability of supercapacitor fractional-order parameters extracted from discharging behavior using least squares optimization

Freeborn T.J.
Elwakil A.

In this paper the variability of supercapacitor fractional-order model parameters are explored when extracted using a non-linear least squares optimization applied to their constant current discharging behaviour. The variability of parameters extracted 1000 different times applying the optimization process to multiple sets of simulated and experimental data are presented to validate this approach. The experimental results were collected from 4 samples of Panasonic EEC-SSR5H105 supercapacitors (1 F rating) acting as a secondary power source for an Arduino Uno system. Simulations using the average extracted parameters show less than 5% error compared to the experimental results, with all parameters from each sample also showing mean absolute deviations in the micro (10-6) range for the majority of cases. © 2017 IEEE.