Conference Paper

Using Blockchain Technology for the Internet of Vehicles

Eltahlawy A.M.
Azer M.A.

The Internet of Vehicles (IoV) aims to connect vehicles with their surroundings and share data. In IoV, various wireless technologies like 5G, WIFI, DSRC, WiMAX, and ZigBee are used. To share data within wireless surroundings in a secure way, some security aspects need to be fulfilled. Blockchain technology is a good fit to cover these countermeasures. IoV uses a lot of technologies and interacts with different types of wireless nodes, and this increases the vulnerability to some attacks that could endanger lives. Using blockchain technology within the IoV architecture could provide efficient solutions to overcome these attacks. In this paper, we present the IoV security requirements and their countermeasures using blockchain technology. We also introduce some serious attacks over the IoV architecture and the different countermeasures to overcome these attacks. © 2021 IEEE.