Conference Paper

A Universal Fractional-Order Memelement Emulation Circuit

Khalil N.A.
Fouda M.E.
Said L.A.
Radwan A.G.
Soliman A.M.

This paper proposes a current-/voltage-controlled universal emulator that can realize any fractional-order memelements (FOME). The proposed emulator consists of second-generation current conveyors (CCII) block, two switches, and a multiplier/divider block. The first switch controls the emulator mode (voltage or current), while, the other controls the type of the emulated FOME. The influence of the fractional-order capacitor (FOC) on the pinched hysteresis loop (PHL) area, is discussed which increases the controllability on the double loop area and the working frequency range. Numerical and PSPICE simulations are presented for selected cases to prove the theoretical findings. © 2019 IEEE.