Conference Paper

Two-Degree of Freedom Proportional Integral Derivative (2-DOF PID) Controller for Robotic Infusion Stand

Azar A.T.
Hassan H.
Razali M.S.A.B.
de Brito Silva G.
Ali H.R.

Infusion Stand is one of the medical supportive tools in the field of biomedical that assist in holding and carrying medications to patients via intravenous injections. Mobilization of Infusion Stand from a place to another place is necessary not only for the patients itself but also for the nurses. Therefore, this leads to not only uneasiness but also inconvenience for both parties. Therefore, to improve the existing situation and current Infusion Stand in the market, a proposal to design and implement a prototypic Robotic Infusion Stand is submitted. In this paper, 2-Degree of Freedom Proportional Integral Derivative (2-DOF PID) controller is proposed for Robotic Infusion Stand after comparison between 1-Degree of Freedom Proportional Integral Derivative (1-DOF PID) to find the most suitable controller. Analysis of reference tracking, disturbance rejection and controller effort are performed which demonstrate the ability of the proposed approach within the system parameters. © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019.