Conference Paper

Tunnel-Based EAP Effective Security Attacks WPA2 Enterprise Evaluation and Proposed Amendments

Abo-Soliman M.A.
Azer M.A.

Tunnel-Based Extensible Authentication Protocol has become fundamental for wireless Network access Control. It provides authentication, privacy and authorization for enterprise network access protected by WPA/WPA2 security framework. WPA2 is considered the latest and most secure standard for wireless communication especially for Wi-Fi networks. However, WPA/WPA2-PSK have been lately threatened by advanced versions of wireless attacks. In this paper, we study WPA/WPA2-Enterprise authentication with Tunnel-Based EAP common methods focusing on their strength and weak points and the impact of recent WPA/WPA2 attacks. We also propose protection techniques to mitigate discovered security flaws. © 2018 IEEE.