Conference Paper

Trans-Compiler based Mobile Applications code converter: Swift to java

Muhammad A.A.
Mahmoud A.T.
Elkalyouby S.S.
Hamza R.B.
Yousef A.H.

Numerous commercial tools like Xamarin, React Native and PhoneGap utilize the concept of cross-platform mobile applications development that builds applications once and runs it everywhere opposed to native mobile app development that writes in a specific programming language for every platform. These commercial tools are not very efficient for native developers as mobile applications must be written in specific language and they need the usage of specific frameworks. In this paper, a suggested approach in TCAIOSC tool to convert mobile applications from Android to iOS is used to develop the reverse path translation. Moreover, native mobile apps functionalities like making a phone call, alert messages, vibration and more functions are tested by using extensive techniques like BLEU and tokens accuracy. Primarily results showed substantial success in code conversion from swift to java. © 2020 IEEE.