Conference Paper

Traffisense: A smart integrated visual sensing system for traffic monitoring

Elhakim R.
Abdelwahab M.
Eldesokey A.
Elhelw M.

Intelligent camera systems provide an effective solution for road traffic monitoring with traffic stream characteristics, such as volumes and densities, continuously computed and relayed to control stations. However, developing a functional vision-based traffic monitoring system is a complex task that entails the creation of appropriate visual sensing platforms with on-board visual analytics algorithms, integration of versatile technologies for data provision and stream management, and development of data visualization techniques suitable for end-users. This paper describes TraffiSense, a complete and integrated intelligent camera system that has been developed to facilitate key traffic management tasks ranging from traffic network monitoring to detection of law violations. TraffiSense provides useful information in real-time to road users and law enforcement authorities, and the paper details the intricacies involved in the development of such functional system. The potential value of the TraffiSense system for traffic monitoring is demonstrated and results obtained from actual deployment are described. © 2015 IEEE.