Towards cloud customers self-monitoring and availability-monitoring

Hussein S.
Abdelbaki N.

As an attractive IT environment, Cloud Computing represents a good enough paradigm which governments, national entities, small/medium/large organizations and companies want to migrate to. In fact, outsourcing IT related services to Cloud technology, needs monitoring and controlling mechanisms. However, Cloud Customers cannot fully rely on the Cloud Providers measurements, reports and figures. In this book chapter, we cover the two Cloud Computing operation sides. For the first operation side, we provide advices and guidelines for Cloud layers which can be under Cloud Customer control, to allow Cloud Customer contributes in Cloud infrastructuremonitoring and controlling. For second operation side, we produce our developed monitoring tool, to allow Cloud Customer contributes in service monitoring. It is for Cloud Customers to self-monitor the Availability as a metric of the outsourced IT service. © Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2014.