Conference Paper

Study of fractional flux-controlled memristor emulator connections

Elsafty A.H.
Hamed E.M.
Fouda M.E.
Said L.A.
Madian A.H.
Radwan A.G.

In this paper, the series and parallel connections of the fractional flux-controlled memristors are studied. Asymmetric I-V hysteresis with high I-V nonlinearity can be obtained from single fractional memristor as reported in literature. However, connecting different memristor emulators can convert the asymmetric hysteresis to symmetric one and maintaining the high I-V nonlinearity to be used in some memristor devices. The proposed circuits have been analyzed mathematically to study the effect of changing the frequency and fractional power. Different cases have been verified on PSpice using commercial off the shelf components. Some experimental results are provided. © 2018 IEEE.