Conference Paper

A Simple BJT Inverse Memristor Emulator and Its Application in Chaotic Oscillators

Khalil N.A.
Said L.A.
Radwan A.G.
Soliman A.M.

A generalized inverse memristor emulator is proposed based on two BJT transistors as a diode connected with a first order parallel RC filter. The mathematical model of the circuit is presented where the pinched hysteresis loops (PHLs) with different periodic stimuli are analyzed. The numerical, P-Spice simulations and experimental results are presented indicating that the introduced emulator is a simple voltage-controlled generalized inverse memristor. The results show that the PHLs area is increased with increasing the applied frequency. In addition, the proposed emulator is employed in a simple chaotic circuit. The effect of the inductor's values on the chaotic system is investigated and the P-Spice simulations are performed to approve the numerical results. © 2019 IEEE.