Conference Paper

Security Perspective in RAMI 4.0

Elkhawas A.I.
Azer M.A.

Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT) are the main technologies contributing to the adoption of the fourth revolution in manufacturing, Industry 4.0 also known as smart manufacturing or digital manufacturing. Smart manufacturing facilitates and accelerates the process of manufacturing with the connection of all the systems related to the manufacturing process starting with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, the Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) which control the production line and the Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs). Before the emerging of web applications, cloud applications and thin clients, ICSs and CPSs were already present but the protocols used for those systems were not designed for the Internet. In this paper, we tackle the security challenges that are accompanied by the emerging of this new technology, the mitigation techniques and the governance and compliance issues associated with it. © 2018 IEEE.